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Your Trustworthy and Reliable Day Care in Windsor

Emergent Curriculum / ELECT / Save the Day for Play

ABC Day Nursery of Windsor offers safe and dependable child care programs in the Windsor area. We offer Emergent Curriculum, which bases learning material on the children's interest and individual learning styles. We create an environment for children to learn independently, based on their own initiative. This approach to early childhood education builds concentration and self-motivation at a young age. More importantly, the child care programs at our Windsor day nursery instills in children, a lifelong love of learning. The children learn through play, relationships, discovery and exploration. 


Children under 6 years need to explore and discover. They see the world through curious eyes and that’s what motivates them. Children respond to order because of their innate need to know where things belong and how pieces fit together. Our early child care programs in Windsor, help enhance young children’s knowledge in the present; it also establishes a solid educational foundation for later life. And we try to achieve this in a fun way! 


The curriculum is planned day by day and week by week, based on the children’s interest and developmental needs. Teachers observe the children to determine their interests, experiences and age appropriate developmental skills. The teachers then plan programs that provide the children opportunities to engage in practicing skills and exploration in order to learn.


These programs allow the children to learn various skills that impact their overall behavior. They help in enhancing problem solving skills, improving social skills, and participating in team building activities. At ABC Day Nursery, we ensure that the children make the most of their childhood through fun activities and learning.   


Next, teachers add materials to enrich the learning process. Adding new materials incorporates new ideas, challenges and learning possibilities. This learning is then reinforced through documentation of the children’s activities. 


The Early Learning for Every Child Today (ELECT) resource is used along with the Save the Day for Play software to record and document the children’s learning. 


Contact Us for an Appointment

Children deserve access to affordable high-quality education that promotes school readiness, regardless of their family situation. For your convenience, ABC Day Nursery of Windsor provides child care programs and services at 6 locations in the Windsor area. Please contact the office closest to you for an appointment. 


We absolutely love what we do and the testimonials are proof about our great work. 


We invite you to visit us and see for yourself.

Central Area

Central Location

888 Hanna St. E

Windsor, ON N8X 2N9


Located on the corner of Hanna St. E. and Parent.

Jefferson Area

Jefferson Area

2605 Jefferson Blvd.

Windsor, ON N8T 3E7


Located 1 block south of Tecumseh on Jefferson at Rose.

Pillette Area

Pillette Area

4540 Somme St.

Windsor, ON N8W 1V5


Located on Somme St. 1 block south of Tecumseh Rd and 1 block west of Pillette.

East End Area

East Area

1225 Lauzon Rd.

Windsor, ON N8S 3M9


Located on Lauzon Rd. between Little River Rd. and Tranby.

Arthur Location

Arthur Location/Central Area

2495 Arthur Road

Windsor, ON N8W 4V8


Located 1 block south of Tecumseh Rd and 1 block west of Pillette.

Barnwell Location

Banwell Location/East End Area

3335 Banwell Unit 500

Windsor, ON N8N 0B4


Located between E.C. Row and Tecumseh Road.

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